Civil Survey Drafting To Help Re-Build the South

In the wake of disaster, there always comes the re-build. With re-builds comes civil survey drafting and plan production.

I can’t even imagine going through the devastation those people, families and businesses are going through. I live in northeast NY and we rarely, if ever, see the type of devastation these storms and hurricanes create down south….and I pray we never do.

Its times like these where there’s a fine line between what’s considered trying to help and what is taking advantage of a horrible situation.

I like to look at this in a practical way. Re-Design and Re-Build ultimately need plans that someone can follow to actually re-build what’s broken.

Again, I’m not trying to minimize what Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have done, I’m just trying to be practical when  it comes to re-building. The faster plans can be drawn up, the faster re-builds can take place and the sooner businesses and families can begin to get back to normal.

While I can’t work for free, I can utilize my 27 years of experience to help any and all companies that are re-building the south to get these plans out the door and into the builders hands.

Civil and Survey drafting are two of my main strengths. With Autocad Civil 3D  Civil Survey Drafting I can help to establish existing features and begin to design roads and infrastructure quickly and efficiently.

Somehow in the wake of these disasters I feel like I would have the ability to help with my civil and survey drafting skills more than ever. With the advent of Autocad Civil 3D, Revit and Autocad Architecture, there really is the power to produce plans efficiently and accurately.

Revit and Autocad Architecture are two extremely powerful tools that I proudly offer to my clients.  Revit and Architecture expedite the drafting process by automating sections, floor plans, elevations, etc.

If there’s any Civil Survey drafting you need to help get your projects moving ass it pertains to rebuilding the south after these catastrophic events, feel free to contact me @ 518.258.4226.

Matt Janowski