Florida Civil Cadd Tech For Hire

My name is Matt Janowski, I’m the president of Civil Survey Tech and I’m a Civil Cad Technician.

I have 25+ years of experience in the Civil Engineering and Survey fields and have a story to tell.

My family and I have decided to move to Florida (Boynton Beach north to Ft Lauderdale south) and I’d like to work for two or possibly three small, private engineering companies as an independent consultant.

My strengths are in site layout, grading, utility layout, erosion and sediment control and plan set production.

I use Autocad Civil 3D 2018 and more specifically specialize in:

  • Surfaces
  • Alignments
  • Corridors
  • Pipe Networks

With a family that consists of my wife and I and four young boys, ideally I’d like to perform my work a majority of m work from my home office while making occassional trips to my clients workplace when necessary.

This type of relationship benefits both my client and I by lessening the commitment to full-time employment by my client and gives me the flexibility I need to tend to my family.

I currently do this type of work in Northeast NY via Google Drive for a handful of trusted clients.

I’d really like to pick-up and perform the same types of work for a new set of clients in South Florida.

You can see what types of work I do throughout this site and I welcome you to give me a call if you’re interested in doing some work together.

Matt Janowski

(518) 258-4226