About Us

From the desk of Matt Janowski, President:


My name is Matt Janowski and I’m the owner and president of Civil Survey Tech. I’m pictured with my beautiful, talented and ever supportive wife Jen.

Civil Survey Tech was created from a passion for all things related to Civil Engineering and Survey Mapping and the desire to help those in need of those services.

With an extensive background of all things survey (both field and office) and all things civil engineering (primarily land development) I began drawing maps back in 1988. Primarily drawing survey base maps gave me an extensive knowledge of all things related to real properties, deeds, map compilation, etc. From there I graduated to assisting in the layout and design of subdivisions (both small and large. Whether we were designing for well and septic or sewer and water, all aspects of design were taken into consideration. With the advent of Civil 3D, that process has become even more productive and efficient.

That’s where we come in. We’re able to take a ‘raw’ piece of property and basically illustrate (through the use of online information) what exactly is going on with that piece of property and the surrounding properties.

Questions like:

  • Where is this property’s boundaries?
  • Are there wetlands on this property?
  • What’s the topography like on this property?
  • Is this property in a FEMA flood plain?
  • What’s this property look like from an aerial view (and how does the property line fall on this)?

…and a dozen other features that need to be compiled to accurately start a project and look at the project’s feasibility.

From there, depending on the feasibility of the project, a field survey (and research) will be performed by a licensed land surveyor. Having drawn literally hundreds (if not thousands) of survey survey base maps, we can help get this map drawn for you. More importantly these days, this base map will properly make use of Autocad Civil 3d such that the design phase of the project can immediately be overlayed and ‘engineered’.

Again, this is where we shine. From the first alignment of a proposed road to the final grading on each lot, we can create and move your project along in civil 3D smoothly and efficiently. We create such things as:

  • An Existing Surface
  • Roadway alignments
  • Finish grade profiles
  • Assemblies (Road cross sections)
  • Corridors
  • Sanitary Sewer Layouts
  • Storm Sewer Layouts
  • Utility layouts
  • Create pipe networks in civil 3D for above mentioned sanitary, storm and utility layouts
  • Create profile views that accurately represent all utilities in a ‘live’ format
  • Create final grading on plan view from finished grade profile
  • Create lot grading to tie in from centerline and roadway grading

….and about a hundred more things in between!

As you can see from above, these projects are no small task. It takes an intimate knowledge of Cad, survey, civil engineering and other assorted softwares to create a full plan set of drawings.

I’ve seen this process bog down to a standstill when a project is moved along haphazardly and without care to know what your next steps will be. Autocad Civil 3D reqiures a deft touch from start to finish to make all the pieces work together smoothly.

That’s exactly what we do for you and your project.

You can use us on a ‘as needed’ basis or you can have us run the design drafting portion of your project right from the start.

It all starts by reaching out to me and letting me know what your current needs are so we can help guide you in the right direction.

Give us a call!



Matt Janowski